How I Solved My HA and Luteal Phase Defect and Got Pregnant

If you’re looking for information about getting pregnant after having no period OR solving a luteal phase defect in your cycle, I’m your girl!

I have a YouTube video where I go into these details AND share my pregnancy symptoms.

Watch the full video on YouTube!

Let’s start with some bullet points:

  1. I recovered my period for about 5 months before we started to try to get pregnant.
  2. We tried for 3 months, however I will say we didn’t try “hard”. We probably had sex 1 time within the window of ovulation where as many people will try every 2 days or more.

    I was of the belief that if everything in my body is working as it should, sex just once should work. Your body wants to do this and is trying to do this. It’s not that I didn’t want to have more sex, but I’m a curious person and wanted to give it a try.
  3. When it didn’t work for the first 3 months, I knew it was because of my short luteal phase. I was ovulating and I confirmed this each month, but my luteal phase (the second half of my period after ovulation) was always short. We’re talking 6-8 days. It should be 10+ day.

    So I started working on that:
    – Working out even less, a reduction of another 1-2 days and less intense workouts (they were not even that intense anyway, this is how sensitive my body is).
    – Eating breakfast FIRST THING in the morning. I believe this was one of the biggest helpers for me. I got lazy and was eating around 9.30-10am, which means I had been awake for hours before eating. Now, I was trying to eat within the first hour of being awake whether I felt like it or not.
    – Eating bigger meals by just a little bit. Not a huge increase, but some extra olive oil here, avocado there, more rice here – you get it.

After a month of those changes, my husband and I did the baby dance. I will say, when I look back at my other months of trying, the days that we did the dance were never the very day before ovulation and this time, we did the exact day before I ovulated so that was within hours. Usually it was a couple days before.

I had a feeling that we nailed it (haha). I had made such big changes that month to my lifestyle and when I saw that we had sex the day before ovulation I had never felt so sure it worked.

I was so sure, that I tested on 7DPO and got a pretty obvious positive result. It was faint, but you could see it. That’s really early to test but there you have it. That same day I went straight to my doctor.

We did blood tests immediately that day and then two days later I went again to check that my HCG levels were rising. They should double every 72 hours or so, so if she saw a huge increase that was a confirmed pregnancy. But I knew as soon as I saw the test that this was real.

So that’s my story, I hope it’s helpful to you if you’re struggling with any of these issues OR informative and able to help you avoid any of these issues in the future.

Learn more about these issues by joining The HA Society.

Published by Dani Sheriff

I draw digital images and my passion is in drawing diverse women, promoting body acceptance, and improving our body image. Because we can't do our greatest work when we're so busy being focused on bodies.

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