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CrossFit and Missing Periods

More women than ever are tired, under-performing, under-functioning, have low libido and are feeling down, anxious, sad and overwhelmed with the pressure that society has put on them. The pressure to be athletic, look the part, successful in their careers and to be amazing family members whether they’re a mother, sister, partner or daughter. Oh, and don’t forget to travel a lot and have an enviable social life.

Dealing with Comments From Others During HA Recovery

When someone makes a comment on your weight or behaviour or whatever, you simply shoot them with a quick:
“Yes! I have been trying to get my period back” or “yes, I’m really excited about it because my health has been improving! – hey, have you tried the pecan pie yet?!”

Gaining Weight Says Nothing About Your Character

The definition of “character” as defined by a Google search, is the mental and moral qualities distinctive of an individual.

This woman was implying that based on the way someone looks, you can decide the type of person they are,  how they think, act and behave as well as their morals… i.e. if they are a good hearted and hard working person.

The Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Podcast

A binge-worthy, single-season podcast to help you get your period back.

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