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Working in the Wellness Industry When You Have HA

Naturally, I’ve had a number of conversations over time with people who also work in this industry about the struggle with imposter syndrome because they’re not “healthy” (because they have Hypothalamic Amenorrhea). Many of these conversations have also been with people who have recovered their periods but now feel conflicted about working in the wellness industry because their views have been completely changed by their experiences with over-exercising and dieting.

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, Under-fueling, and the Endurance Athlete

I talk to a lot of competitive, fast women who want to perform at their very best. It can be hard to go against the traditional perception that staying lean is the most important aspect of that goal – even when you’ve been told it’s likely not the best thing for your training or your health. And even more so, when your training seems to be on a roll, it’s hard to hear that you might need to take a step back.

Why Don’t I Have a Period?

If you’ve been missing your period for a few months or maybe even years and you don’t know why, you probably have hypothalamic amenorrhea.

This is a situation where your brain suppresses your reproductive system to both preserve your bodies energy stores and because it doesn’t think that it’s safe for you to menstruate have a baby right now.

Testing and Supplementing for Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and Conceiving

I recently started a new protocol of supplements to help me continue to balance out my hormones post recovery from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA). I’m still really sensitive to missing periods, which tells me I’m not in the clear and could easily lose my period again if I don’t stay on top of my nutrition and food (energy) intake.

The Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Podcast

A binge-worthy, single-season podcast to help you get your period back.

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